Steve Erwin

STEVE ERWIN began his professional career as a comics artist in the 1980’s with First Comics’ Grimjack, later working primarily for DC Comics. He co-created two series for DC, Checkmate! and Gunfire, but is most recognized as the artist of Deathstroke: The Terminator in the 1990s. Steve penciled the art for the comics adaptation of Batman Returns and a run of fill-ins on a variety of titles, including New Gods, Hawk & Dove, and Superman - The Man Of Steel.

A life-long Star Trek fan, Steve was thrilled to work on various Star Trek titles at DC including Star Trek: The Next Generation - Shadowheart. The pinnacle achievement for this Trekker was pencilling the comic book adaptation of William Shatner’s first Star Trek novel, Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden.

Combining a fascination for history with a passion for drawing comics, Steve contributed to a line of hardcover historical graphic novels for children. Subjects included The Battle of Gettysburg, The Wright Brothers, and the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Most recently, Steve had the privilege of providing the art for the first graphic novel adaptation of a Robert Heinlein property, Citizen of the Galaxy.

Originally from Tulsa, Steve has made his home in Texas since 1982. Steve was honored to be one of the first comics creators to be indoctrinated in the Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma in 2007.

Nowadays, Steve works as a product designer and illustrator for the company made famous by Big Mouth Billy Bass.


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